Moments with Mel: An Introduction

I have finally embarked on my dream job. So I feel it is a great moment to start something fun. I have officially settled myself into my chair, I have nestled myself comfortably into this amazing opportunity that I have to thank God for everyday. I finally have the dream job that I never even dreamed about before. That is what is so amazing about it. So now that I have my dream job. I have to bring a little bit of something that I used to do on my old blog. Moments! I love sharing moments of inspiration, and I get to experience those moments every week with my mentor. So we begin, moments that have changed, inspired, and made me just feel like I am growing up.

Moments with Mel will be full of life lessons I know will change me for the better and I can utilize for years. So far all of my Mel Moments have improved me for the better, and its great to be able to see how my Moments with Mel have helped me be the stronger and better worker bee that has grown in the company I love.

So lets start with the best life lesson to date as our first Moment with Mel. The lesson of legacy.

I have come on board at this company after years of change and mergers. The company had a big change, just months before I came on board. So this moment with Mel came to be when I learned about legacy and how when a legacy of love through volunteerism has developed, its hard for those multi- generational volunteers to accept the change and feel that their legacy is forgotten. Mel taught me to understand that legacy matters and I think that understanding will forever shape my understanding when I am involved with those frustrated with corporate policy in a world where when they started, it was a labor of strictly love and no red tape.

Learning about the legacy mindset and learning about the history of the company has opened my eyes to what goes into this world that I have stepped into. A world where those dedicated for decades may feel forgotten as the company has expanded and moved forward, leaving behind a bit of the past, fearing that they are left behind. Maybe its because I am of a younger generation who sees so much of years past to be disposable, who has experienced a mindset of instant gratification that I am trying to still rid myself of, or because I didn’t grow up with any kind of value on legacy aside from my family lineage, but it has really opened my eyes to what dedication and love can stem, especially when its deeply from the heart, with no real kickback. Legacies are important, and honoring the legacies of the past are important for the future.






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