Giving Thanks: A Thanksgiving Reflection 2014

Thanksgiving this year has been different than any other Thanksgiving from years before. This year has been a year of reflection. A year of change, a year to look back and be truly grateful for the gifts and blessings that have been bestowed upon me. Growth has happened upon me in so many ways and in this last year. I have had shifts in my relationships, changes in my personal life, and so much growth and change in my professional life. I found independence in a way that I never would have considered, and I found happiness in myself. There is still so much growing left that needs to happen, but this was a year of change, this was a year of growth, this was a year to really scream from the rooftops.

For 2014, this is what I am Thankful for:

1. Family: My family has molded me and changed me, supported me and caused me more pain that I know. They are however, my family. My family is my inspiration and they are my supporters while at the same time being my detriments in life. But I wouldn’t exist without them, I wouldn’t be where I am without them, I wouldn’t be me without them. So even though there are more hurt days then good days, I can’t but be grateful that all of us are able to sit under one roof and celebrate Thanksgiving.

2. Friends: I gained some new friends, and I got rid of a lot of non-friends this year. It has been a true year of growth amongst my relationships. I came to find out what I wanted in friends, what I should expect, what I should cherish, and when it is time to let go. My friends are a huge part of my life, and they are a huge part of my inspiration. They are my sisters and brothers in the true definition. While not by blood, they family. I have made mistakes, year after year, in cherishing the wrong friends. I have made mistakes in making friends. I have made mistakes in not letting people who were nothing but painful go. But this year, a shift changed, a life change, and a friendship change. I have felt more cherished this year then ever, and that for me has been a blessing and something to be so grateful for. So I am more thankful than anything for the ability to know that I have the “right” friends.

3. Church: It has been an uphill, downhill, mudslide, and steep climb this last decade. God has watched me make mistake after mistake, and he has guided me out of the trenches of my quick sand holes. While we still battle, I still fight, and he still holds me close, I am grateful for where I am in this battle and the understanding people he has put in my life to help me grow and find my way home.

4. Career: I am so thankful for my career. I am so thankful that I have been given the blessing of being put in a position to grow my career and with it, my personality. I felt like I knew myself 10 years ago, I knew what I was going to do, but nothing prepared me for the love I have for my career now. So I am thankful for someone watching out for me, preparing me, and setting me up with a job that makes me thankful everyday for the humanity in the world.

5. Growth: This one is hard to explain. I am grateful for the ability to grow the way I have this last year. It has been a hard battle. Finding myself and growing up has come with challenges that I have a hard time putting into words sometimes. But this year, I learned the value of selfishness. I learned the value of the phrase “F*ck Off”,  and while I don’t use it in those exact words, I have had to learn to keep the mentality. It’s hard to admit, but I have gotten farther in life this last year being selfish than I ever have being nice. Hard lessons to learn, but a part of the growth mindset.

Thanksgiving is more than just reflecting upon the last year and marking off all the things that were good. Thanksgiving is also about preparing for the next year. Making sure that my mindset is ready for the challenge in front of me and to remember this day of reflection, and make sure that reflecting upon everyday makes this day even more special. We eat this day, we have started to shop (I dont agree with that) and we remember all the great things that have happened in the previous year. Looking forward, I hope to still be grateful for everyday that I get to live, eat, breath, and laugh about the joys of life.

Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

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