Moments with Mel: Don’t Ever Guess

On January 1st of this year while I sat at the counter, munching on pancakes and preparing myself for an “Agents of Shield”, marathon, I had decided in my glory with my best friend Sarbear, that I was going to take life by the horns and take charge of my life and better myself.

So it worked well for a bit. When things were easy. Lately, boulders have just running down hills landing on my feet, and as they get bigger and start to roll me over, I have to wonder, where is that take charge attitude. Or has the bull with the horns run off now and left me sitting here breathing in the dust of failure.

Change, Change, and more Change is coming my way.

How I should define myself should come after I make my way through these changes, and if I survive.

I had my first real moment with Mel in a long time. Things changed in January. It felt like there was a shift, and the Mel that I came to adore and love, was too busy to really share the infinite wisdom I had come to cherish in our meetings. Now I know why.

Mel is making her big change, and with it, she is giving me the opportunity to blossom, grow and make changes of my own. Whether I feel like I am ready or not, she does, and she believes in me. I may not feel like I am ready to leave the nest, but it looks like this birdie has been told she is ready and is about to be pushed out in 4-6 weeks. So I better find a good parachute now, or learn to fly.

Wisdom of the week from Mel, that has molded my perspective of the week is: “Don’t Ever Guess”.

Take charge and own it if you don’t know the answer. I never thought to feel empowered by accepting that I do not know the answer, but with the growth under the wings of Mel, I have come to be humbled in my acceptance that I can not know everything, and most people don’;t expect me to know everything. So accepting that I don’t know the answer, going to search for it, asking for help getting the answer and bringing it the correct well researched answer on the table is always the best scenario.

Taking charge and being a leader is not about being the most powerful of all the people, or being the most well versed. Powerful Leaders are ones who inspire, are ones who are prepared, are ones with ideas, are ones who do not fear sharing, and are ones who can accept when they are wrong, or graciously accept a denied proposal and move forward to improve or find a new project to propose.

“Don’t Ever Guess”, is more than just a statement about finding the right answer and coming prepared to the table. “Don’t Ever Guess”, should also be a statement of life, and a phrase to remember when faced with adversity. Don’t Ever Guess that you know what the other person is feeling. Don’t ever Assume that you know why someone did what they did. Don’t Ever Guess that someones actions were purposefully designed to hurt you. Don’t Ever Assume that you know the answer to why life is the way it is for someone else. Life has its way of throwing curve balls, and if you can’t see them coming, don’t try and use your last swing at bat. Curve balls keep life interesting, challenging, and often times, keeps it real. So accept life’s curve balls, grab the bull by the horns, ask the questions, congratulate those who deserve it, and live.

Well, at least that’s what I got out of My Moment with Mel.

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