Day One: New Start…. A Rather Gross One

2015 seems to be the year of change and commitment. I have made some pretty big financial commitments and I feel like I am paying for them. There are some pretty big things happening this year also. Something I have been pretty focused and committed to also has been a change in my health. Both physical and mental, I have been trying out some new things.

So today kicks off another rather Physical health challenge. I am doing the PaleoCleanse Plus 21 day Detoxification Program. It is made up of smoothies twice a day with a meal once a day and snacks from the list of healthy organic produce. It’s not a calorie restrictive program, but it is more of a preservative restrictive program it feels like.

Recommended by a health care professional who is helping me get my body into both the physical and mental state it needs to be for a better version of me to succeed, I am committing to 21 days of this program.

I will confess, I haven’t been doing too horribly the last few months. I haven’t gained any weight, but rather have lost about 10 pounds. I found that the more water I drank, the more weight I would lose, but my appetite also shifted which drove me to eat unhealthy things. Time is restrictive in my world. Working full time and a half, committing to social gatherings and vacations that seem to pop up left and right, I am struggling with getting myself into the shape I want to be. Excuses though, thats what I have to say about them, they are just excuses. So I am trying to kick my excuse problem and work towards a better version of me so I dont have to be kick myself in 30 years when I am fighting some major health concerns because I decided to eat copious amounts of unhealthy foods now while I am young and vibrant. What we do today, affects who we are tomorrow. So I am rooting for a better me next year.

So far, its lunch time and I haven’t had lunch yet. But this mornings breakfast was disgusting. I hope my taste buds change to accept the nastiness that is the PaleoCleanse smoothie powder because I have paid a lot for this stuff, and I better consume all 42 packets of it. Water intake is doing pretty well. 7 bottles of water is what is recommended. I threw about a cup of frozen and fresh blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and cherries into the smoothie today and used coconut water instead of regular water or milk alternative. I am learning though… do not make it worse for yourself by making the smoothie twice the size. So tomorrow I am going with the 8oz chug. You know something tastes bad when you’re chasing it with baby carrots.

The taste of the pills and the smoothie mix reminds me of the smell of a JELL-O geletin packet. I used to like jello, but not anymore. I think I will forever be turned off from the fake sugary smell of strawberry Jell-O. Also, the flavor of this packet is berry…. which is okay, and you can see the chunks of berries in the power mix, but I think that is what gives off the nasty smell.

I really want this for myself. I think I need to commit to this for the 21 days if possible. I look forward to feeling better physically, and hopefully with that, also mentally.

H is running a relay this coming weekend along with celebrating his birthday, and as much as I want to be there to celebrate, I think this is my cue to take care of me, and focus on myself. He departs for a few weeks, and we will be a part, but maybe that is what we need. Some growing room. Maybe the better version of me will be ready to take him all in when he returns. At least if I stick to this cleanse, I can enjoy the fun of July 4th weekend. In a happier version of myself.

Let’s see how these hunger pains and my food cravings change through the next 21 days. I am trying to stick to this and reminding myself why I am doing this through my blogging.

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