Day Two: Returning to Work

The first day of the cleanse seemed to go off without a hitch. I was able to manage through the first day without cheating. I did eat more hummus then recommended, but that was not against the rules. Yesterday however, I was not doing anything but cleaning the house on my own timeline and sitting around watching television. So I was not using actual brain cells in which food usually fuels.

Today we are on day two and I didn’t consume my first shake of the day until noon. I am only halfway through my water requirement for the day, and I have consumed 1 piece of matza, garlic hummus, and 2 pieces of broccoli. I am only 7 hours away from bedtime, and its making me wonder, will I survive? I want to eat some real food, and being exposed in an office where people are eating delicious smelling food, I am struggling with not wanting to go out and eat. I will survive though! I am determined that this is going to happen!

I plan on consuming an actual meal tonight after I go to the grocery store. The available food list though seems small, and its kind of getting on my nerves the lack of options I have. Carrots and Hummus seem like they are going to be my friend through this cleanse. Maybe by the end I will actually enjoy them as a snack on occasion.

I am discovering that if I follow the recipe options that are given in the booklet, I might actually survive. The hunger is finally hitting me and that means I probably need to give up my whole picky eater thing if I want to survive. We will see. Cutting out empty carbs is hard!

Tomorrow will be a challenge though. I am going on a day trip that includes all you can eat junk food. I am so tempted to consume all the mass confections that are offered. Reality strikes though that I should probably enjoy the challenge and live up to it. Water and healthy snacks, lets see if that is even possible.

At least I am functioning okay today. I am actually getting work done and it feels like my brain cells are actually working. Here is to hoping this continues!

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