Day 10: The Pain of Not Following the Cleanse

Through this journey, there has been a lot of up and down. We are only 10 days into it, and its probably going to go for 30-35 days at this rate, but my oh my am I learning about myself and the way I eat and the way my body reacts to the way I eat.

Well today, I didn’t eat until close to 1pm, and when I did, I didn’t make the best choices. When I eat a clean and healthy diet in a day, I can feel my system loving on it and absorbing the nutrition and feeling okay. When I make the choices to cheat, well, to put it simply, I feel like shit.

So today came with the torment of it being a long work day, with a work meeting. So I had to work through that by going into work later, which means I overslept and was extra tired and then I wasn’t hungry because my system was all off. Then I proceeded to go to the store, and I bought some paleo foods, and then I bought some not so paleo foods. Can you guess which one tasted better? So I ate the asiago chicken and the pasta and immediately by the time I got to the office, I was feeling slumpy and useless.

A few hours later I cracked into the paleo food a little and it didn’t do much good because I was already feeling bloated and gross and my rings were not fitting right. So I put it all away and tried to focus on work, but that was a bust. So I focused on the long dinner meeting that I would be having that night, and lets just say, it was an interesting change in focus as I thought about the interesting foods we would be having.

So I knew at that point, I was screwed and I might as well eat the foods that are offered to me, and i did. Enchilada casserole and veggie lasagna and lots of other junk. I felt bloated the whole 3 hour meeting and now 5 hours later, I am still feeling bloated, my stomach hurts, and I have the hiccups from drinking ginger ale instead of water.

I made severely poor choices today, and it was my own fault. I am hurting and I have nobody else to blame but myself. So what does this make me do? It makes me want to be better, it makes me want to change my goals, and it makes me really want to make sure that I do better for myself because this is ridiculous and nobody should feel this shitty ever, especially when you know what is going to make you feel good is just a different choice of food.

Looks like I am growing up. Time to hop back on to the cleanse now.

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