Day 16: It’s Not 21 days Anymore…

So we are on day 16 of this challenge, of what was supposed to be a 21 day challenge. However, this challenge is going to go a lot longer than 21 days, I will tell you that now. It was supposed to a quick cleanse, that lasted through June. It has however turned into a life change challenge. Eventually, I will make it through all the vitamins and food packets in the cleanse kit, but that will take some serious restraint in my opinion. I am challenging myself to that restraint, on Wednesday.

I wanted to make sure that I am finished with this cleanse by the time Dani has her Bachelorette weekend, and if I want that to be a reality, I need to kick my butt into gear sooner than later.

It’s Monday and I have my bag packed and ready to go for a cleanse day, but then my social calendar says that tomorrow is Nacho Bar day… so well, that just threw my plans for the week out. So I am going to try again on Wednesday to kick start it. Committing to not changing my path until I am done. If I stick it it, then I will be done in time for Ruth’s bridal shower, and who knows what is going to be there, but I want to make sure that I can enjoy that, along with Ty’s 1st Birthday event.

There are so many events coming up. There is so much set to happen in July, August and September, and there is a big one in September I want to be a part of and be the best version of myself I can be when that day comes around. I keep thinking that I want to do this so that I can lose weight. So I can be beautiful at Dani’s wedding, but the thing is, I already am Beautiful according to some people, I just need to be the version of myself where I can accept my beauty.

There is the person I know I can be physically that I want to be, that I am challenging myself to be. But I have to be ready, and I am wondering if I really am. This challenge is going to last a while, both because of my delays and because I think it has to. I need to do this for the future, for the life I want to live, for my forever.

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