Day 24: Starting Over Again

I decided to pick it back up again today. I had forced my own hand because really, it was getting quite ridiculous. I needed to try and focus on it, and so I am back, and really making the mental notes to remember to say no to cravings, and go for the things that I am supposed to. So far so good. I survived the whole day. Nothing really got in the way of that though.

The taste is still awful, and I am hoping that if I stick to the cleanse the remaining 15 days, that I will be able to overcome the flavor and maybe even learn to like it.

I am finding the blueberries make for decent snacks, when you’re starving, but this is not something you can buy ahead of time. I need to purchase them like the day before, and consume them within 48 hours, otherwise, I am battling the blueberry mold problem. Not something I am wanting to deal with.

There is one thing that I am cutting corners with, and that is tortilla chips. In between cravings and meals, its the one thing I snack on. I just throw a chip or two into my mouth and then I am golden. It’s working for me so far. I am not craving more than that. Well… I should say I am craving, but I am not giving in.

I have lost my interest in carrots and broccoli, and I have a head of cauliflower in the fridge that I need to eat or do something with. I also have some turkey and sausage…

Instead for dinner today, I bought some chicken and green beans. It’s a habit with me, to buy everything ahead of time, thinking I am going to consume it, and then not doing so. I need to slowly back off of that. It might be time consuming, but I think shopping every other day may be in my best interest to waste less food, and keep my meal plans short and simple, especially since I am only eating 1 meal a day for the next week.

Goal for the weekend is to do turkey, hummus, carrots, and spinach.

Goal for Friday is to eat a healthy lunch and then relax all afternoon.

Still trying to figure out when I am going to consume the sausage and cauliflower.

It’s only day one, my goal is to make it to day 7 without cheating. Then I will be half way to my goal!

I need to prove to myself that I can do this. I need to improve my health for me.

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