Day 25: Fighting the Cravings

This morning I woke up and all I wanted was a taquito. Nope, can’t do it. Won’t do it.

Then on the way to work, it was a I want a donut. I don’t even like donuts! I never was a donut fan. I don’t eat donuts on a regular basis, so why am I craving donuts all of a sudden.

I was yawning a lot this morning, which I am finding is directly correlated with the fact that I did not drink my breakfast shake. Once it is in my system, I have energy again. So obviously they work. Even if I don’t want to admit it. My body needs more vitamins and minerals, and if I listened to my health care professionals and took them like I am supposed to, then this wouldn’t be an issue. Maybe after this cleanse, I will be better at following my regimen.

By lunch time, I was seriously craving some processed Cup of Noodle. It was just sitting in my emergency kit at work, and for some reason, I decided that I wanted to it. I decided at that point that I needed more than water and header to eat lunch. Left over chicken and green beans was for lunch and I only was able to get through one bottle of water. I also had some blueberries which left me both annoyed at how many were molding and that I was kind of already full but felt like I should at least attempt a fruit.

During the afternoon snack time pick up for B, I was able to fight off the craving for sushi and pizza. I was in the midst of it all and I couldn’t stop thinking about it, but I held strong, and that for me was a win. Free quality food is hard to turn down, but suddenly, I was able to. It was a great feeling later that afternoon when I had a shake instead. Made me feel like I was doing something right.

I’ve made it to dinner and I am going to have the last shake of the day and the vitamins. I might snack on some avocado to get me through the night and maybe some salsa. A night time protein snack would be smart, but this is my weakness.

My goal was to lose 89lbs this year. I know I am starting a bit late for this to really work, so we will see how much I drop down. I am down 1.5lbs so far. Starting over now, I was able to keep off the 9lbs that I had lost before, so hopefully it just keeps dropping. With wedding season coming up, I really want to look my best in September and even if its not my best, it will be the best that I can get to that point because I am working and going to keep this up as long as I can.

Maybe the next goal will by my shopping problem. Or maybe the hoarding issue LOL. One small step at a time.

25 Days in, this is what I have learned so far:

1. I am conscious of what I am eating when on a cleanse

2. I have no real favorite foods, I just follow my cravings

3. There is a serious lack of key nutrients in my system and its very obvious when I am doing good versus when I am cheating.

4. I am motivated when I want to be, and when the mood swings, so does my motivation.

5. Keeping on my prescription helps me stay on the cleanse.

6. I do better with an open mouth water bottle then a straw water bottle when it comes to consuming enough water.

7. I seem to like big giant leaps, but I need small baby steps.

8. I need to do it for myself before I can be happy with whatever results come from it.

9. I make excuses a lot, and just push things off, something I need to check.

10. I need to do smaller, more frequent shopping trips in order to save money and reduce waste.

So far that is what I have learned. This cleanse will hopefully be over at the 40 day mark. After that, I need to find a new challenge. We will see what that is going to be.

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