Day 29: Fasting versus PaleoCleanse- A Set Back

So I don’t know if its because I added turkey to my diet within the last 48 hours or what, but I am back up to 74lbs that need to be lost. This is a disappointing set back and a reminder that when you cleanse, don’t cheat. I definitely cheated today, and as a reward, I have gained back weight.

This frustrates me. I don’t know what else to do but be frustrated. With 11 days left of the cleanse, I can’t believe I messed myself up half way through it. Dedication is going to be required for the remainder of this cleanse, because as we have learned from the endeavors of a few chips and cheez-its, you will put the weight back on.

Today is also Fast Sunday at church which meant until 4pm, I couldn’t eat or drink anything. Part of me wonders if this was part of the set back. Since my regular schedule was thrown off, maybe my body held on to every fiber it could to compensate. The goal of this first round was to lose 30lbs of the 80lbs I want to lose for the year. I am now only down 16 since I put some back on today. I am hoping with some extra exercise and my routine being normal again tomorrow, that I am able to lose a few more pounds, and drop what I am only hoping is water weight from today.

Food consumption of the day consisted of chips, salsa, guacamole, a few cheez-its, turkey meat, 2 shakes and 2 supplment packs, along with lots of water. I didn’t really sit down for a real meal today and I think that might be part of the problem. So many factors go into this day, that I am not sure what to pin point. I am just looking forward to keeping the momentum going tomorrow and continue the weight loss. I need this. I want this.

I am determined to change the habits, eat cleaner and work towards the weight loss goals I have set.

Let’s do this!

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