Day 30: Almost There!

We are on Day 30 of the 21 Day Cleanse. Life has a way of getting away from you, and in my very overly controlled consciousness, it is hard to not be thrown off by the fact that I am on Day 30 of a 21 Day Cleanse, and I still have 10 more days to go. It’s noticeable, apparently, the weight I have lost so far. As of today, we are down again to only have 71lbs to lose. Not bad for the fact that we were up yesterday from my snack binges.

I am back in the office. H is just a few days away from returning home. He hasn’t seen me yet. I have been trying to keep low lighting during our Skype calls, and thought maybe it would be a nice refresher for him to see me after being gone for a few weeks, and see how the change has been. He didn’t think I would make it! But I am! I am going to do this.

I am taking the needed steps to focus on myself. There have been a lot of reproductive and physical well being curve balls that have been thrown my way the first half of the year. As I healed from major turmoil, and refocused my life back me, and making me a better version of myself, it has helped me overcome the things I didn’t want to face.

Being good to myself today, I started off my morning with the normal shake and supplements, and then headed off to a full body therapeutic massage. After discovering a pinched nerve and muscle last week, I am finally starting to feel better now that we are on the right track to fixing me. So I thought, after a weekend of cleaning and celebrating, a nice relaxing morning followed by the crazy that is work life was needed. It was the kick start to what will end up being a crazy week. I am working long hours this week, and with it, I will be starting my first round of reproductive therapy, and hopefully finishing my last round of physical therapy for my shoulder.

I cringe a little as I think about this being the first week where my hours will extend into the late evening. Usually, my life work balance has me home by 7pm, or at least at dinner by then. This week however, I will be lucky to get home by 10pm. I am starting to see the shift in my sleep patterns, I am starting to see the shift in my physical daily energy levels. Where is my body leading me? What does it want from me? Does it want me to stop with the 11 hour work days, is that the sign?


Healthy eating habits, new sleep habits, and new taste buds are definitely forming from this experience. The cleanse may have been for my insides, but its changing my thoughts and habits a lot too. I chose a healthy lunch of beef stew, green beans and sweet potatoes. I had a small sushi roll snack, and I finished the evening with another shake and supplements.

My eating habits are changing, and its dramatic. I am choosing the better foods, the whole foods, and I didn’t even want the carbs or sugary treats when at the store today. One thing that I am finding is a key portion of my process is that I need to make smaller more frequent trips to the grocery store. When I do big once a week trips, I fail to eat through everything and food is wasted. When I plan out my meals for 1-2 days, then its less waste, and less effort in some regard. There are just some things you have to live without when your partner is not around, and its a table for 1. So I am cutting corners by getting fresh cooked veggies from the Whole Foods Marketplace Food Bar, and reducing the need to purchase and then clean and cook fresh veggies that ultimately go to waste because “Table of 1” can’t consume 5lbs of veggies within 48 hours. I compromise there, and pick up in other places. What I lose in time, I will save in money, and I will save in resources.

With 10 days left, I am proud at the strides and self-reflection that came from this. Dare I say that I might consider doing this again? The weight loss has been a big part of the cleanse excitement, but the self-reflection and personal life changes overshadows this process. I am moving into a new direction. One of success!

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