Day 31: Frustration and Plateau

I think I have finally hit a Plateau with the weight loss. I am exactly where I was yesterday, with 71lbs to lose. I don’t even know what to feel aside from frustration. I wanted to be down a little more, the break the threshold of 20. But it looks like I have hit a road block, or my body has finally plateaued.

I started the morning with the regular shake and supplements. I didn’t get enough water in today though. I know that from my dire thirst in the middle of the evening. I had a sausage and asparagus and broccoli, and some chicken wings. It should have been counted towards good, but maybe I shouldn’t have had the wings. I assumed since I worked out for 30 minutes that it would even out, but I think the sodium from it just threw my body off and with the lack of water intake, I was screwed.

I did it to myself, so I have nobody to complain to but myself. With only 9 days left to go, I am hoping that I can get some improvement in. Next week should be more relaxing. But next week is too late.

I need to continue to drive myself. Push myself, and cleanse myself as much as possible. Back to Whole Foods tomorrow to pick up some more groceries. Something needs to change, and it needs to change now!

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