Day 32: When you Just Can’t anymore….

Today was an ultimate cheat day. However it showed me just how much my eating habits have changed. I lost one pound today, and I did it, even though I had a shake and ate 3 meals.

My meals of choice however are dramatically different then they would have been even a month ago. I didn’t turn to fast food, but instead starting my morning and eggs and sausage and bacon and a little bit of potato. I had a very high fiber and protein, low gluten burrito bowl for lunch, and ended the night with sushi. Only problem was that I forgot my shake and supplements in the evening.

At the end of the night I thought wow. Subconsciously, I made these healthy food choices. Choices I would not normally make, but maybe this is my new normal!

It’s more than just losing weight now. It’s about challenging and changing my habits. I am one step closer to being the person I want to be!

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