Day 33: When You See the Other Side of 20

So today I ate 2 whole meals, and snacked on french fries, and had 1 of the 2 smoothies and supplement packs that I should have had. And yes I still lost weight! I am down to just 68lbs to lose. That means that I have passed the 20lbs mark. Which is the most weight I have lost at one time since I started gaining a ton of weight.

So what is the verdict? Eating healthy portioned meals and reducing the amount of snacks, can make an impact. I can feel my body changing, I can feel the impact it is making on my system. I am happier, I am healthier, I feel more energized, and when I follow the plan, I am proud of myself. I am hungrier, which I think has to do with an increased metabolism, which is probably due to the fact that I am eating healthier foods that are processing faster.

I will admit my bowel movements are kind of wonky though. Since starting this cleanse, I don’t have as many. I used to be a regular 6am bathroom alarm clock. My body goes the same time everyday. The first two days of the cleanse, I didn’t go at all, and it progressed a little, proving to me that food is needed in order to have bowel movements.

As I increased my food intake over time, it was nice to be able feel more like me, but to also test myself. It’s not like I am seeking comfort in cheeseburgers. I have been tempted to cheat, a lot. I have my cravings, I think about what I want to eat when I finish this cleanse, and then I remember, I am doing so well. I am losing so much weight! I am feeling so much better. I can understand getting a burger once and a while, and enjoying some fries when you’re craving them, but there is no reason to need to be consuming those all the time. So I am happy about this cleanse, and I am happy with myself. I think in the next week, I could definitely complete this cleanse and hit my goal of 30lbs lost. It might have taken me 40 days to do a 21 day cleanse, but I am learning so much, and I am definitely finding that I can run on healthy foods, and it can be enough.

Way to go Jayne, way to go!

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