Latte In Hand: Morning After the Periscopathon for GDGH

1AM: The time I finally finished shipping items from my sales, finished a load of laundry, and crashed into bed.

6AM: The moment when you realize your alarm is going to go off and you’re just snuggled and comfy in the bed. Time to adult.

I watched the Periscopathon for 17.5 hours yesterday, minus missed items from internet issues and 30 minutes where I had a meeting. Otherwise, I was glued, or at least plugged in. I was listening, hearting, logging in and out and hearting more, running two devices simultaneously, and making sure I was donating to the cause for great items like Calley (@theEcoChic) dancing “Whip A Nae Nae”. Jen Apea from @SprayPal dancing with MiniSprayPal2.0 and to get a chance at some limited exclusive doll diapers from @Rumparooz. I loved the extra incentives, and it was amazing to hear why each broadcaster was there, what they were giving, and why they were passionate about the Periscopathon. Giving Diapers Giving Hope was not even on my radar until the beginning of September, and now, a month later, I wish I could pour every penny I own into the organization so they can help every family in need. Or as Mel from QdSpray would say #savethebabies.

I don’t even remember the reason behind all the random donations I made. It was important for me to reach my goal of $500 to donate. Giving Diapers Giving Hope had a goal of reaching $5000 donations from the public, which Kim Rosas felt was a stretch. However, the cloth diaper community came together and made it happen. They made an impact, they are changing lives. I wanted to give 10% of the goal because I wanted to make my own impact and with a goal of $5000, I knew $500 was going to be easy when digging into my stash of stuff. Looking around my make shift nursery, it’s a showroom of limited edition diapers, expensive furniture and a frozen in time memorial to the baby who never came home. $500 is not a huge amount of money when you take into consideration that 1 Tula with matching accessories is valued at $250, often more. I have a wrap conversion Tula that is $310 sitting in a bag waiting for a “one day” baby. Each cloth diaper is $35 right there, and sell 10 of those and you have $350. Reaching my goal of $500 did not take much.

I think of the reason I hold on to so much of this stuff, why I buy so much of this stuff, and it’s because of that baby I’ve never had a chance to hold, its the late night book reading, dreaming, and hopeful appointments with the RE and OB. Now though, maybe its because I knew there was something more I could do with that money. I got to make an impact, I got to help an organization, I was able to give and help, and honestly, I think knowing that a family out there who has fallen on hard times is going to get one more thing lifted off their shoulders, that is more than enough reason to do what I did. That is my impact, that is my inspiration. What Giving Diapers Giving Hope does is amazing, and if I can donate a few dollars to get them to that goal, it’s amazing.

In total, my giving yesterday was over 9 transactions for a total of $667.43 of awesomeness. That means I could help send a box of hope to 19 families. That is 19 families who have one less item to be concerned about as they raise their kids and make ends meet. Knowing I could assist 19 families who are struggling with the decision to change diapers or buy groceries is huge. I am so happy I could assist, and I am so grateful for all the wonderful sponsors and broadcasters who made the donations fun. I know for sure I donated $10 to watch Calley do a dance, and donated for LaVie Bebe to pie herself. I did $50 for Jen Apea to dance, and I donated $35 to get a chance at some adorable doll diapers from Rumparooz, and I donated $100 during the Balm Baby broadcast just because I love Melena as a broadcaster and because I promised Kim Rosas I would donate if her son shared with the world what she loved most, and $450 went to SmartBottoms just because I knew they were matching. I would have done $500 but I kind of spent the other $50 on random other donations throughout the day during other broadcasts. I missed all the “be the biggest donors broadcasts” and chances at winning some free diapers or custom diapers, but either way, it was fun. I learned a lot about myself during this experience. I learned a lot about what I don’t need, and I learned a lot about what my passions can be.

I look forward to the next broadcast from Giving Diapers Giving Hope, and I feel lucky that I could have so many diapers for our one day baby, and will never have to be concerned about Diaper Need, but most importantly, I am glad I could find a good cause for something that is not being used in our lives now.

Diaper Need affects 1 in 3 families. Diaper Need should be something that touches the lives of all families as we come together to support one another so there is no longer a need. I am glad to have helped my friends when they were in need. I am even more excited that I could contribute to the efforts of the Giving Diapers Giving Hope Foundation to help families in need.

Next year I would love to double my donation. Our family finds purpose in supporting worthy causes. This is a worthy cause, this is worth the fight. Giving Diapers Giving Hope is unique in that it is run completely by volunteers. With more than 80% of its donations going straight to those in needs, there is no other organization that gets me excited like GDGH has this month.

2015 was the year of change, we still have 3 more months to go. I am still changing, I am still staying dedicated to my goals, and I am still healing my heart and loving myself again. I am finding passion again, and this time, I think its a passion for something that won’t break my heart. To be inspired, to be passionate about something again, its been a long time, its been needed.

During my process to reach my goal of $500, I asked for the help of Burt from SmartBottoms about what I could sell to reach my goals. The diapers I bought over a year ago on clearance were meant to be saved for our one day baby. They have since become highly sought after and special. I didn’t really know that until Burt said something once on Periscope during an #afterdark broadcast that was filled with giggles. So when I was struggling to get anything moving and sold, I reached out to her for help, and I surpassed my goal. The best part was that I sold my most expensive diaper, an $80 Wild Thing SmartBottoms (still hurts to think about letting go of that) to a mom who’s life was touched by Giving Diapers, Giving Hope. She specifically told me that she would not normally spend $80 on a diaper, but because it was going to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope, she would be willing to. Her family once received a box of diapers from GDGH that helped them be able to diaper their baby. Without that help, they wouldn’t have been able to get back on their feet, and they wouldn’t be able to afford SmartBottoms diapers. Her purchase of $80 made a huge impact and kicked off what was a massive quick purchase of my diapers I listed and boosted my total donations to reach my goal. GDGH really does touch lives, and coming around full circle was someone who received their help, who is now willing to give back. It felt so awesome that this mom was willing to buy my diaper, and so many others after her. They were quick to sell, and I think every one of those ladies were buying them with the intention of supporting an amazing organization.

So thank you to the moms’ who bought my carrier and my diapers. I hope the items are loved, and I know the donations are supporting an amazing cause. A special thank you to the Board of Trustees for my company, because of them, I received a bonus, and that bonus was announced the morning of the #Periscopathon, and that meant I had just a little bit more I could donate.

It didn’t take much for me to reach my goal of $500, it took a little bit of elbow grease, but it didn’t take very many items. If I could sell just a few items, imagine what I could save and donate if I sold the majority of the items taking over our spare room. Does my baby really need 750 diapers? Probably not. So maybe its time to re-evaluate what I need in this world, and what I can give to help a family out there in need. Food Pantry and Shelter donations are great, and I love doing service to support those causes every month, but nothing has excited me quite like working towards donating to GDGH.

Maybe next year I can give $1500, that would be so amazing! We will see! I love the surprise of seeing what I can gather to donate, and I love seeing the passion and excitement from all the sponsors and donors. Most of all, I love seeing the village come together. So to #GDGHPeriscopathon2016, I pledge to donate at least $500 again, but with the hope that I can do $1500. That is 5 tula carriers, or 7 woven wraps, 7-8 Beco carriers, 30-50 cloth diapers (depending on brand), 15 pairs of Basewoolies or 5 new Sunday dresses. Or worst of all, thats only 3.5 pairs of my favorite brand of shoes. When you put it into that perspective, $1500 is not a lot. It is 100% completely doable. #letsDoThis #goals

One day I know we will welcome a little MiniCapri, and when that happens, I want him or her to know, that even though it took a while for him to join our family, (s)he was helping make an impact on other babies’ lives.

“For if we weren’t planning to meet you, we wouldn’t be following Jaime Greyson, we wouldn’t have found other broadcasters to follow, I wouldn’t have heard about this great organization, found a passion for a cause, or donated some of the items we planned on using with you to a foundation helping other babies just like you. You my darling, were the beginning of divine inspiration”. Yep, those are the exact words I will be lucky enough to say to my child one day.

Until Then, In the words of Mel from qdSpray, “Save all the babies”, give to

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