Small Business Adventures: No Cloth Diaper? It Doesn’t Matter, You Still Need a SprayPal!

NOTICE: This review is not about Cloth diapers, and does discuss the review of a product designed for cloth diapers but in conjunction with the use of female menstruation products.

I have this weird thing about buying baby stuff, or things that seem to be marketed at babies. I have no problem hoarding all the cloth diaper exclusives so that when our rainbow comes, we will be set, but things like bouncers, swings, or anything that doesn’t seem to have any real value aside from overpriced entertainment for your kid, I keep skipping over, and keep consider skipping over completely once we do become parents.

I am sad to say, SprayPal was one of these items where I thought, nope, not going to do it, I am never going to need it, I don’t, won’t buy it, ever. When we foster cared for a young baby and we did do cloth diapers, I just did liners. When I spent 2 weeks playing cloth diaper experiments with my 2 year old niece, I did the same thing, used liners. We had a sprayer hooked up, but the idea of poop flying everywhere was unappealing, and so was staining my diapers. I am pretty sure this is why Jen designed the SprayPal. I’ve seen the SprayPal on the market for a few years now, but never really thought about it as a thing because Spraying just isn’t my thing. It doesn’t seem appealing to me at all, and the idea of it kind of grosses me out.

Well, I started using reusable cloth menstrual pads 3 month ago, and let me tell you, if hand wringing blood soaked pads isn’t a big deal, then spraying poop diapers shouldn’t be either. I’d seen a few demonstrations of SprayPal since I started cloth pads, but I still wasn’t sold on it being a thing I needed. I love Jen and I would support her company by purchasing a sprayer to hook up in our downstairs bathroom to use as a bidet, or I would buy my wetbags and cloth diapers from her store, but there is just no reason why I could justify a SprayPal shield to myself. That changed last week when I had 0 time between meetings at work and running to change pads. After two days, I had a bag full of funky cloth pads that needed to be washed. I remember in a Periscope with Pink Lemonade that people would do some kind of stomping thing in the shower with their pads and I thought, okay, this needs to happen because I am not throwing these into the wash as is. So I took a whole bunch of pads into the shower and used the shower handle to spray them down with water. This moment changed everything.

The power of the cold water blasting out of the shower head/hose was cleaning these pads a lot faster then me doing it in a sink. I was blow away. This was an oh my goodness moment for me. I held them up against the wall so that they would drain down, and it just got better and better. My brain light bulb went off! “This is what Jen meant when she said it can be used for mama cloth”.

So the next morning when I was ordering stuff from qdSpray, I threw a SprayPal shield into my cart. My menses have ended for the month, but it didn’t mean I didn’t have a reason to try out the SprayPal. Since we already have the sprayer hooked up in the bathroom to use as a bidet, all I had to do was soak some cloth pads in cranberry juice, and then spray them down to see how it works.

I do not recommend trying to assemble the spraypal with one hand like Jen does it on her scopes. She is a pro. I decided I wanted to show off this cool device to H last night and said look, I can do it with one hand! I could not, and I looked like an idiot trying.

The snaps are heavy duty on this thing, so it takes a bit of effort to assemble, and a lot of force to disassemble. Which I think can be a good thing.

Honestly, this spray shield doesn’t have a lot of cons. It’s a simple shield with a great clip that really holds tight to things (I did some nice tugging to see how well it holds), and it does what it’s supposed to do, shield you from poop water flying everywhere or from menses water in my case. I think if it came self cleaning then it would be a bonus, but I don’t think that is quite possible.

We don’t have a baby yet for reasons I need to address later, but this SprayPal shield is definitely useful as more than just a baby product. H tested it out and it also makes for a great nerf gun war shield. It just needs a handle. I would really love if the SprayPal had a hole at the top for hanging on a hook, but I can understand why most people wouldn’t do that when using this as a poop shield.

If you don’t use mom cloth, cloth diaper, or ever experiences messes then maybe this product is not for you. However, this product is endorsed by the man child in my life as a great heavy duty product that is great for use as a shield in a nerf war and for sledding when in a pinch. It also may work as a flotation device that may rival that Leonardo Di Caprio plank of wood from Titanic, but it has not yet been tested here for that. Also recommended that if altered, it can make a great shield for when you use your qdSpray to blow up giant water balloons for a fight. Really, there are many uses for this awesome device, and in the 12 hours since I have had it in my possession, it’s been a great $25 investment to bring many laughs into our bedroom.

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