Small Business Adventures: QdSpray

Let’s be honest, the real title of this should be called is, “Things I now need even though last month I had no reason to “need” them”.

Thank you social media marketing for giving me an insider look into products that I had no idea existed. I think really I should thank Instagram and Periscope for getting me on the buy this, watch this, follow this train. I started with only 1 person I followed, now I follow 117, and my interest and knowledge of all things I thought I knew has changed. I knew nothing before. I now know a lot more thanks to way too many poop-scopes courtesy of Jenn at SprayPal.

So let’s introduct qdspray. A product I did not even know existed until Jen from SprayPal shared it on periscope. Remember Jen? You probably are reading about her a lot on my blogs because it is all her fault I buy everything and spend so much time on periscope! qdspray is a company that makes a diaper sprayer, or travel sprayer, also works well as a poopy butt sprayer and bidet. This thing is also great for blowing up giant water balloons. Sprayers are everywhere, they existed even before cloth diaper sprayers became a thing. Mostly because the rest of the world has been used to water washing butts. I grew up with a Bidet, its a vital part of my home, and now, when I travel, I can have a travel sprayer, which is a HUGE deal in my family.

I originally purchased this sprayer for my mom. She does not do heavy duty installations. Not at all. So all the bidets and sprayers in our house growing up, where she lives now, anywhere where she wants one installed, is all done by a professional, or my father. She is now the chairwoman for a non-profit organization though, and she travels a lot and constantly whines about how much she misses her bidet at home when she travels. She uses a travel Peri bottle that she got from the hospital like 30 years ago. Don’t ask me why, she just does. So after I saw that this sprayer was good for traveling. I knew I needed to buy it for my mom so that she can stop complaining.

It arrived yesterday and I didn’t get a chance to open it until close to midnight. I purchased it last week mostly because qdspray was doing a special donation of 20% of your order to Giving Diapers Giving Hope, and that just made it extra motivational to me to order this sprayer at that time. Supporting a small business and supporting a non-profit is always a great tag team.

So I am going to start with, I am an idiot. However, I am a lot more engineering minded than my mother, so I think there needs to be a few more video tutorials in my future before I can say I know what the heck I am doing with my qdspray. I purchased both the ‘nomad kit’ and a 12ft sprayer, and the package came with all the tools that I need. The post card that comes with no-mad kit has me concerned because it is not waterproof, and it definitely needs to be because you’re using it as you try and figure everything out next to the sink. The sprayer also only comes with a sheet of paper folded in half to be a booklet, and that is just black and white, and once again, should be waterproof, and needs more directions. I felt a bit like an idiot trying to read the directions and install the sprayer. Luckily, I had already had 2 trainings from Melissa at qdspray via periscope, and I remembered that the long pointy spout thingy needed to be set up in order for me to use the sprayer. So after lots of messing around, I finally figured out how to undo the faucet aerator and install the main component for the sprayer. Turned on the water, and it was a dream! I filled a giant water balloon in no time! Because yes, that is what I decided to do at 2am when I was playing with this sprayer. I filled up a giant water balloon and timed myself.

Every sink in my house is different, so I will definitely need to go and test the sprayer installation around the house to see how long it takes to figure out. The issue I have with qdspray right now is that everything direction wise that is useful is online and in a video, and for people like my mother or her friends, who are not tech savvy, or use cloth diapers and in the community network, they wouldn’t know how to install this on their own. I should rephrase that, my mother is tech savvy to a degree, she just isn’t search engine efficient. If she was in the middle of Texas and didn’t have great service to watch a video on how to install, she might be really confused and frustrated on how to get the sprayer hooked up.

The qdspray is a great invention though, and it definitely is a bonus to households who can’t install a sprayer with their toilet like most people do. I however, don’t really think of qdsprayer as my go to cloth diaper sprayer. This might be because I am not using cloth diapers on a baby yet and because I have a hook up to my toilet already. I see qdsprayer really being a great product for everything else outside of cloth diapering. Once you get the hook up to the sink, attaching and detaching the sprayer is a dream. It is so easy and efficient, and you can go from using the sprayer to using your sink in five second or less. So this is great for all the houses who need to use their sink for more than spraying diapers.

Another concern I have with the sprayer is draining out the tube for storage. It was probably the hardest part for me of anything last night, getting all the extra water out of the tubing. I am sure there is a tutorial for the sprayer I need to watch, but again, this is something I wish was on paper to make life a little easier in the moment. Once I got it drained, I was able to put everything away quickly and it was easy to organize and go.

I can go on and on and on about what I love about this sprayer, and why I will need to purchase 2 or 3 more for my family, but instead, lets do a quick bullet point list.
– There are multiple spouts to use for hook-ups (they thought of all the sinks)
– Tools are included to make the process easier for you to remove the hardware and install the qdSpray
– The sprayer now has the option of warm water because its coming from a sink
– It packs up for travel really easily.
– This is a great option for families who can not hook up to the toilet for water
– There are different lengths of tubing so that it can fit all distance needs.
– qdSpray customer service is awesome!

Even though we are not a cloth diaper family (yet), I am finding that I have many uses for this, from garden hose to family bidet. I love when I can find products that would be great for when we do have a family, but also amazing for pre-baby and post-baby. This is a product that is going to live in our travel bags and house for a while. I am totally love it, and definitely going to be recommending it to the rest of my family who is bidet loving. Especially those who have moved to places where the toilet hook up isn’t happening, or a custom bidet is not affordable.

Now to order another one to take with me since my Mom is totally stealing this first one as she heads to Texas next month.

*** This has nothing to do with the product itself, but more with the company. I just wanted to make sure the world knows that qdSpray is not a big corporation. They are a small business and that means you are going to get amazing customer service! So take that into consideration when ordering! Melissa (owner of qdSpray) is everything you love about the South wrapped up into a funny and amazing giving person. She is super helpful and isn’t out there to make millions (although I am sure she’d love it). You will genuinely find that the qdSpray family is sweet and is always going to try and find a way to help you make it work! My favorite Mel phrase is “savethebabies”, which I still don’t understand but always hashtag when I think of her!

Thank you for the sweet note and getting this shipped so quickly Melissa! It was definitely worth every penny!

I also purchased a SprayPal from qdSpray when I ordered my sprayer, but that review is going to be separate.

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