Taste Test: Anything and Everything… Lactation?

Lactation cookies and products are a very real thing. With such a heavy emphasis on the benefits of breastfeeding, women are trying to find ways to get their milk supplies up when they are down. There are many different brands out there making cookies, but there are also other products that are making non-cookie items.

I decided that if I am already in this industry, and I am already receiving these things in my goody bags and subscription/mystery boxes, I might as well enjoy them, or at least try them.

I have a pretty sensitive palette. I am a bit of a foodie because it. I have a fine taste, and am not a huge fan of processed junk that is overly salty or overly sweet, which is most items made by Nabisco. Don’t get me wrong, I am not turning down a Goldfish, but I am not the first person to line up at the Oreo truck. Or the fried anything sweet truck. I like the savory foods, and I love foods that have flavor without too much salt.

Lactation cookies and products are a real part of the industry now, and are becoming more common next to the breast milk storage bags and pumps themselves. I had a friend who registered for them as part of her integral breastfeeding goals box. She ate them everyday, and even though she didn’t successfully breastfeed past 4 months, she enjoyed every last cookie.

Since I am getting these in my boxes, and seeing these products in social media and industry bags, I might as well try them out and give my two cents.

Every person has individualized taste buds, and individualized flavors and quantities of flavors they like. H loves chocolate, I am impartial, but learning to really enjoy the dark stuff, which makes up for gross that is the milk chocolate stuff. Even though we might like the same Sushi or the same Pizza place, it doesn’t mean that our taste buds align. My review is really for me, and anyone who thinks it would be interesting to them to read as inspiration or to fill some gap time. Take from it what you want.

Most Lactation products contain Fenugreek in them. Fenugreek is a plant, and the seeds they produce are what are used in a lot of herbal supplements. While Fenugreek might be well known for their Lactation boosting properties, it is also known as a ant-inflammatory, and has been known to be used for stomach issues, to help with treating diabetes, and for different ailments. None of these things have been confirmed to be cured by Fenugreek, but its been around, and people are still using it, so its working for someone. Since I am not lactating, this is not really a test for me to see if its going to benefit my milk supply, its really a taste test to see if this product is delicious enough to consume on a normal basis. All lactation cookies and cereals and products are safe for children to consume, so maybe they would make just a great healthy snack. We will see.

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