Líllébaby ColorMe: Baby Shower Game Changer

Lillebaby Color Me

Líllébaby just announced this morning that they are coming out with a new carrier. The release was:

“Your year, your life, your canvas – color it with joy, with celebration, with hope, and always with love.

Introducing the LÍLLÉbaby ColorMe – our first carrier that invites you into the design process.”

Líllébaby, you really have officially changed the game. For this super Auntie of many who has had her hand in many baby showers, and probably many baby showers to come, this is a game changer.

Líllébaby has seen many changes in the last three years. When I first saw their carriers, I was a bit turned off with how boring and utilitarian they looked like. They started adding prints to their collection and when I received my first one at MommyCon 2014, and saw their collection on the floor, my interest was peaked and I started exploring more. Líllébaby is definitely a winning carrier. Their carriers are more accessible and are a great alternative to the Bjorn that so many invest in because it faces out. Líllébaby is found in most major baby stores now and it’s nice to be able to see a brand that supports ergonomics and adds fun with design succeeding both in boutiques and big box stores.

With the addition of the Líllébaby ColorMe, I think I am now officially sold on this carrier needing to be a staple in every home. I love the idea of every one of my friends having at least 2 carriers for their child. I am very quick to recommend the Beco Gemini because I have used it to carry a newborn through to 12 month old with nothing but comfort and success. However, Líllébaby offers the same comfort and even has lumbar support and unlike the Gemini, their Complete carrier lasts comfortably past the 18 month age.

The Líllébaby ColorMe is joining my arsenal of things to try for 2016 for sure now, simply because its taking the therapeutic art of coloring and adding it baby wearing. Art is a form of expression, it gives an outlet, and it regularly in my life, reminds me that I am special and thought about to someone. Little kids draw pictures of their family, they like to make their own creative masterpieces to give as gifts, and throughout elementary school, art is such a huge part of the creative process that I still have some of my own first grade art in a folder at my parents house. Little Z is constantly drawing pictures and making art creations for me, she always wants to call me to tell me that she has new art for my wall. Miss Kate is a little artist and at 3 years old, makes her own holiday cards covered in glitter and stickers. If adults color to relax, and kids color as an outlet, and art is a form of expression and giving art is a way to let someone know you’re thinking about them, then I think Líllébaby nailed it on the head.

Reading comments from people excited about the Líllébaby ColorMe carrier, I am seeing an excitement to get kids involved in coloring together with parents. There are comments about kids coloring their own carrier to get excited and involved in the baby wearing process. Artists are excited about sharing their passion with their kids through coloring the carrier. There is generally, a lot of excitement over a chance to color and make each carrier unique and one of kind. As Líllébaby said it, “… color it with joy, with celebration, with hope, and always with love”.

I am most excited for the Líllébaby ColorMe Carrier because I think this is going to be the best way to get guests at a baby shower involved in an art project that is going to last. The trend of coloring onesies and funny messages on diapers is great for shower activities, but they are short lived. Kids grow out of the onesies quickly, the diapers are put on and tossed within hours. With the option to color the carrier, every guests can add a little bit of their love and thought into coloring an image on the carrier that resonates with them. That expression of love and thoughtfulness will continually be shared as that carrier will then be used to hold a baby close to the heart.

I also think about the possibilities of getting older siblings involved in something for the new baby. How fun would it be to share that the beautiful carrier you’re using to carry that new baby was colored with love by all the older siblings. Or maybe an excited Auntie or Uncle who lives far away can color and put her touch on a carrier to send to a new niece or nephew so that s/he will always be carried in love.

Líllébaby nailed this one on the head. I am excited to throw another baby shower now, just so I can add this to party activities that will last and a gift that will keep on giving.


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  1. This is brilliant! I’d be so afraid to screw it up, though–my artistic skills don’t involve coloring, and there wouldn’t be an “undo” button on this one. 😅 But I’ve been looking for a carrier (or two…or four) for my twins and, though I was thinking about buying a Tula SSC, your post is making me think I shoul pd consider a Lillebaby.

    1. I would recommend something that doesn’t require an insert if you’re balancing twins. The ergo 360, Líllébaby and Beco Gemini are great carriers that can function without an extra insert. With so much stuff that you already have to tote around, find a carrier where you don’t need to tote one more thing.

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