Resolutions and Adventures for 2016

2016 is a mere few hours away. As I try and keep my eyes open for a few more hours to celebrate the welcoming of a new year, I can only reflect on all the greatness that came in 2015, and look forward to all the great adventures that will take over in 2016.

I have dreams of what I want the new year to hold. I have a lot of big adventures in store. A class reunion where I face all my old classmates again, a few weddings for people I love so dearly, and many adventures to play with industry peeps that I adore. 2016 is going to kick off to become a great one. I am looking forward to all the adventures that it will hold.

With a new year, there are always the resolutions. And while most are broken by day 8 around the nation, I am making resolutions to impact a future. I am loving myself for who I am, and I want to take that and love myself enough to make the changes that will forever make an impact on my life. Some of the resolutions may end up crossing off bucket list items, but that’s the point of a resolution right? To do something that is going to change and alter your course forever.

I bought the FitBit I wanted, which was the first step of preparing myself for 2016. Twice now I have received FitBits, and instead of just using the one I received, I decided that I needed to do it my way in order to keep me motivated. So I bought the FitBit in the color and style that is right for me, and with it, I will be able to keep myself motivated and without regret. I am so excited to be wearing this device to help me get to a healthier, happier me.

I’ve got the Paleocleanse all ready. My bucket list item was to complete a Paelo cleanse in January because I knew that if I could keep to the 21 day challenge, then I could kick routines into gear and my body into the right direction from the start of the new year. January is my significantly slow month when it comes to events and travel, so I can’t help but decide that this is the right time to commit myself to this cleanse.

I purged myself of all the ridiculous in my life, and I am getting my life together to kick off the new year. There are always going to be millions of things I can wish and dream for 2016, but tonight, I am going to be real with myself. There are really only 5 things that are achievable that I am excited to challenge myself to in 2015. These things I think are easy enough that I can achieve them. So here is to a fabulous and amazing new year!

  1. Complete the Paleo cleanse in January
  2. Go to the Gym at least 44 times this year. (11 times every quarter)
  3. Sell $1100 worth of Cloth Diapers and/or Gear from #JaynesPlace
  4. Complete the 52-Week Money Challenge
  5. Treat Myself with the Love and Respect I Deserve and the always remember that I need to come first. #LiveLoveRespectJayne

I can do this. These are not unreasonable, these are achievable, and if anything comes out of these resolutions, it’s the ability to recognize my needs and my value and respect Me time.

I welcome the challenges and adventures of 2016!

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