Cloth Diaper Confessions: Dashboard Sunning

Cloth diapering is a passion, but I need to make some confessions, so I am going to consider doing these cloth diaper confessions weekly.

What they say about breastfeeding stains coming out in the wash is not true from my experience. Baby poop before solids stains everything, and when they eat solids, it’s a whole different level of stain control. I didn’t discover liners until Z was 2.5years old, and when I tried them out, I fell in love with them, but before that, it was stain control central with a lot of washing, lemon juice and sunning! I even bought an outdoor table so I could set it up in the gated drive way for sunning! Then I got lazy because diapers coming back to me from loans were stained and I didn’t want to have to wash and sun dry and then fluff them up in the dryer.

So one lazy Tuesday, I arrived at work, and there were 3 stained newborn diapers in the back of the car. I decided that I wanted to see if just leaving them on the dashboard for sunning would work. So right there parked in the middle of the parking lot for 7 hours was my car with three newborn diapers on the dashboard with brown stripes down them. I figured sun was sun it should work.

I was right.

Three Thirsties Size 1 AIO diapers went back to being white again, after sitting on the dashboard of my car in my office parking lot. They were washed, dried, shipped to me from Pennsylvania, and sunned right out of the package right there on the dash.

I am never dragging wet diapers and lemons to the table in the front drive ever again.

Dashboard sunning is the way to go. Plus I know my diapers are never walking away or flying away. Nobody has time for that.

PS: works well for menstrual cloth too.


** I don’t know it all, and I don’t think that I ever will. It’s probably not scientifically proven, but what works for me is fine with me. Don’t take my methods or opinions as law, it just works for me and I am confessing it.

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