Read Me First: The Passion Behind ‘The Project’

While there is passion everyday in what I do, from my day job, to my blog job, to my afternoon job, to my middle of the night consultations, to spending my free time researching, making calls, and making sure that what I put out is the right thing for my clients, I often times forget, where The Jayne Project started.

I had switched gears, switched blogs, and decided it was time to start over. I knew one thing was for sure, I didn’t want to be in the spotlight. I don’t like the glam, I don’t like the attention, and I live for the chance to help others. Through all of that though, I often forget that sometimes, the most important person is “You”, or “me” in this case.

As I wave my hands in the air and say “All of This” is where it started, I know you can’t see the “this” that is in my head. The gear, the passion, the love for happy families, all started because I had the luxury of growing up in an upper middle class family never wanting for anything in my life. Well educated and offered many opportunities, I found passion in philanthropy at just 9 years old, and a love for helping others see their potential. Sweaty hands, rapid heart beats, and major anxiety meltdowns before every choir performance, theater production and dance competition were a reminder that while I enjoyed being part of the production, I really didn’t enjoy being the center of the production, and that helped me see the world from a different perspective at an early age. I saw the bigger picture, and being part of the bigger picture was always enough for me, while I know others love being the star of it.

I found that every job that I ever loved, was about helping people, whether it be helping them see their dreams coming alive, to helping them figure out the right thing to buy, I always find that the smiling client at the end of the experience is all I need to motivate me to wake up the next day. Knowing my service offered an experience that would be memorable or life changing meant the world to me, because it only took one trip to a third world country to understand that the ability to see the world, learn from different cultures and have different perspectives to learn from was a gift that I could not take for granted. Privilege meant that I needed to use what some might call instinct, and I call experience, to help others.

So while the passion behind ‘The Jayne Project’ came from experiences in the world, and opportunities allotted to me, there is still the fact that this ‘Project’ is always going to be part of me. So as my roles change from hour to hour, at the end of the day, The Jayne Project is the basis of who I am. I have spent so much time figuring out how to help everyone around me grow their business, grow their sales, and find the right products, that I forgot why I started The Jayne Project to begin with, so I could blog and have a place to just think and express myself. I have been worried about the image of my writings, worried that it didn’t fit ‘my brand’, but now I remember, “I am MY brand”, and if I don’t share the real life drama, heartaches, and happiness that makes me experience and me, than I am not being true to my brand and myself.

So while I love what I can do for others, I sometimes just have to say “Fuck it” to the image of perfection and professionalism and remember that The Jayne Project is me, and I am writing for nobody but myself.

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