How to Save Money on Nutramigen Formula

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Nutramigen powder formula is one of the most expensive over the counter infant formulas out there. Developed for infants who have a dairy and soy intolerance or allergy, it has a reduced protein profile that helps with digestion and colic in infant. However, a 12.6oz can of this formula can run between $28.99-33.99 depending where you are shopping. That is roughly $360 a month for the average family is going through 1 can* of this formula every 3 days*.

*Nutramigen also makes a 19.8oz can priced at $40.49 and 27.8oz can priced at $49.99 for bulk purchase savings. However this post is geared towards the purchase of 12.6oz cans.

**This article can also be referenced for the purchasing of Nutramigen Toddler

  1. Sign up on for Enfamil checks you can use on Nutramigen formula in store.
  2. Sign up for Nutramigen Savings and Support Program through Enfamil
    a) You will receive exclusive to your address rebates that range from $10-15 on 1-2 cans a month and any money back is going to help with savings.
    b) Keep all your receipts and UPCs from your Nutramigen purchases to submit for these rebates
    c) They also sometimes send Target coupons and Free Samples
  3. Contact Enfamil for free samples via email, Facebook, or their online chat.
  4. Reach out to your pediatrician for free samples
  5. Watch for sales at your local retailers where you Spend X amount of money and receive Y discount or Y gift card in return for your purchase.
    a) Target often has Spend $100, Receive $20 gift card back. This is best for buying 4 cans of Nutramigen and getting $20 gift card back. {That is $5 off per can}
    a1) Stack coupons and checks on top of the deals in stores and you can get 12.6oz Nutramigen for as low as $9-10 a can.
  6. Collect Formula Checks in trades or purchase them from coupon sellers. $5 checks can at least save $5 off a can which is better than paying full price. Anything is better than saving nothing.
  7. Collect coupons for Nutramigen. Easiest to find is $5 off coupon good for 12.6oz powder or the larger cans. You can often stack these with checks for a total of $10 off a single containers of formula.
    a) There are also Nutramigen catalinas that print out at grocery stores. These are manufacture coupons and range from $8-10 off a single Nutramigen item. There is usually a logo for a certain store on the coupon, so not all stores accept ones from other stores, however, these are considered manufacture coupons and work at any store. (For example, a catalina may bring from Walgreens for $9 off a can of Nutramigen, and you can you use it at Target for $9 off during their sale)
  8. Trade Checks/Coupons for Samples. General guidelines for trading are usually $15 in checks/coupons per sample. (Example:A Sample can of Nutramigen is 8oz and trading $45 in checks for 3 sample cans is cheaper than buying 2 full size cans in cash.) Trading coupons will always be the cheapest way to get formula per ounce.
  9. Buy Samples cans- Check your local Facebook groups or selling apps for samples being sold. Prices are usually around $5-7 a sample can. Never pay more than this unless you are desperate. You can also buy samples online to have shipped to your door from resellers on Facebook and Ebay. Price including shipping usually ranges between $7-10 a can. An 8oz sample of formula for that price is still a deal. You can get 24oz of formula for as cheap as $21.
  10. Buy Full size cans on Facebook or Local Marketplace- They are always going to be cheaper than if you are paying cash at the store without coupons or a sale. Often times it can be cheaper than if you don’t have maximized coupon deals. A full size 12.6oz can usually can be bought for $15 locally each or cheaper, if buying online it is about $17 and that price includes shipping. (Never pay more than $17 per 12.6oz can) Buying a can for $17 each means you didn’t have to collect coupons or even go to the store, its formula delivered to your door with an $11 savings.
  11. Contact your doctor about Helping Hands for Special Kids program through their office and Enfamil Sales Rep. They will leave a case of formula at the office for you, either samples or full size cans when you come in for your baby’s check-ups.
  12. If you are eligible for WIC and State Health Insurance, please make sure your doctor is submitting a formula prescription to your health care, this usually helps to make sure you get 10-12 cans of formula a month for the entire first year of your baby’s life, versus the normal WIC protocol to drop down your formula allowance to less cans for months 6-12.

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