COVID Diaries: Day 31

It’s been a month- we’ve been sheltering in place for a month. I’ve learned some new things about myself that I don’t think I would have realized without this pandemic. Things that came out of a desperation to survive, things that arose because I got food poisoning the 3rd time we tried take out. Realizations that came because I got bored and tried something new. I had a whole month to discover some really cool new things about myself, and it wasn’t all bad.

1- I can have the desire to cook if it means eating.
2- I like radishes (who knew?)
3- I can get real creative with my meals if it means not going to the store.
4- I used to take fresh leafy greens for granted… cause I assumed they would always be there.
5- Growing a garden is real appealing and I keep thinking about it.
6- I will try new boutique brands in an attempt to just keep my pantry stocked.
7- I have 0 interest in breakfast when my commute is 5 seconds
8- I thrive on routine
9- I will avoid cooking if it means avoiding doing dishes.
10- I still will not use disposable plates to allude the dastardly sponge. So I’m an actual greenie at heart!
11- 4 forks is not enough forks.
12- I am obsessed with rearranging my house and decluttering (coping mechanism?)
13- I have embraced my inner germaphobe, because I was stocked on hand sanitizer and hand soap before panic buying was a thing.
14- I can be fiscally responsible while still splurging on grocery delivery convenience
15- l am probably not as much of an introvert as I thought I was.
16- l can survive off very little sleep.
17- I have an irrational fear that a mouse will move into my house which has led to me to being afraid of the hours of 2am to 6am (because that’s when mice party right?)
18- In order to acquire all the safe foods I’m willing to eat for me to survive, I have to shop at Safeway, Trader Joe’s, Mariposa’s Bakery, Market Hall, Whole Foods/Farm Fresh (thanks a lot allergies 
19- Properly fitted running shoes matter
20- I am completely unwilling to stand in line to shop and instead would rather starve or bribe friends for help.
21- I have yet to eat a meal alone in 24 days (book your zoom/fbmessanger/googleDuo/hangout, Teams, High5 or WebX meal today!)
22- I should probably buy a blender or food processor.
23- On average I drink 150oz of water a day
24- I eat a lot of “Mexican Inspired” meals.
25- I take a lot of pictures of my food.

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