How to Save Money on Similac Alimentum Formula Similac Alimentum, 6 Count, Hypoallergenic Infant Formula, for  Food Allergies and Colic, Starts Reducing Excessive Crying Within 24 Hours,  Easy to Digest, Lactose-Free Formula Powder, 12.1-oz Can: Health & Personal  Care

Similac Alimentum is one of the leading hypoallergenic formulas on the market. However, unless your baby is sensitive to corn, or has extreme food allergies, you would never know that Similac Alimentum powder and Similac Alimentum Ready-to-Drink liquid formula were two completely different formulas. Similac Alimentum powder and ready-to-drink have the same properties and offer the same nutritional value. However, babies who are extremely sensitive to dairy, soy, and/corn will find that the powder is intolerable and the liquid is the only thing that works. Luckily for the users of Similac Alimentum, the price point for liquid and powder are the same, however, finding ways to save can be drastically different. Below is a breakdown of different ways you can save on powder and ready-to-drink liquid Alimentum. Saving on Similac Alimentum Powder Formula

  1. As of 1/1/2020 the best coupons to save on Alimentum are:
    – $10 off 2 19.8oz containers of Similac Alimentum Powder
    – $2 off any Similac product
    – $1 off any Similac product
    – $3 off any Similac product

    If you can get your hands on Similac checks, these are what are available to use towards Alimentum. (Often times, stores will let you use coupons and checks together to double the savings, in rare instances, some stores will only one type of savings)
    – $5 Similac Checks
    – $10 Similac Checks
    – $15 Similac Checks
    – $17 Similac Checks
    – $20 Similac Checks
    – $5 off Alimentum product Similac Check
    – $10 off Alimentum product Similac Check
    – $15 off Alimentum product Similac Check
    – $20 off Alimentum product Similac Check
  2. Here are best deal breakdowns available that are available at Target using the coupons valid in 2020. (All breakdowns will refer to $5 Similac checks, as they are the most common, making expectations reasonable, if you have larger checks, please use them according to policy, and save extra!)

    Target Sells Similac Alimentum Powder in 19.8oz size cans on average for $38.99 and 12.1oz size cans for $28.99

    Target Buy 2 cans 19.8oz Alimentum and receive $10 gift card
    2 cans x $38.99 = $77.98
    Use $10 off 2 cans coupon = $67.98
    Use 2 x $5 off Similac checks= $57.98
    Receive $10 gift card = $47.98 out of pocket for 2 cans
    ($23.99 per can or $1.21 per ounce)

    Target Spend $75 on formula and receive $15 gift card
    2 cans x $38.99 = $77.98
    Use $10 off 2 cans coupon = $67.98
    Use 2 x $5 off Similac checks= $57.98
    Receive $15 gift card = $42.98 out of pocket for 2 cans
    ($21.49 per can or $1.08 per ounce)

    Target Spend $100 on formula and receive $20 gift card
    Buy 2- 19.8oz cans (38.99 each) and 1-12.1oz cans (28.99) = $106.97
    Use 1 $10 off 2 Alimentum 19.8oz cans coupon = $96.97
    Use 1 $2 off any Similac product coupon = $94.97
    Use 3 $5 Similac checks = $79.97
    Receive $20 gift card = $59.97
    ($1.16 per ounce)

    Alimentum Ready-to-Feed is one of the hardest things to get a good deal on in bulk, especially at Target. So some things to remember:

    – $8 a bottle is your goal, anything below that is a bonus, but this is a reasonable threshold.
    – $2 and $3 off any Similac product coupons are your most covetted coupons, you can usually trade for these or request them from Similac.
    – It will be near impossible to find enough $5 Similac checks to save $5 off every bottle of formula, but collect where you can, and double down with coupons.
    – Target Spend $100 on formula, get $20 gift card is probably the best deal. You can buy 10 bottles of Alimentum 32oz Ready to Feed at $10.99 each bottle and save $2 off each bottle essentially. Stack coupons and a few checks (usually max 4 of each) and you can save an additional $28 or more. Some stores will let you use 10 checks, and in which case you are winning, but it is at their discretion.
  3. Find deals at your local grocery stores, find the formula on clearance, or check out drug store deals and 20% off coupons that might add additional savings. CVS often has 20% off and 30% off coupons that come in the mail or email that can add extra savings.
  4. Trade on Facebook groups like Saving on Similac-Enfamil-Gerber Formula BST & More. You can often trade $15 in coupons for a 7oz sample powder can of Similac Alimentum. So collect all the baby food coupons, formula coupons, and trade them. That essentially is free formula delivered to your door.
  5. Sign up on Similac Strong Moms for Savings on Similac Alimentum. You can sign up for both Similac Strong Moms and Similac Strong Mom Alimentum. Sometimes they will send you double the checks. Sign up your family for extra savings.

    Similac Strong Moms Alimentum:
    Similac Strong Moms:
  6. Ask you pediatrician for sample. Every time you go into the office, ask your pediatrician for samples or savings on Alimentum formula.
  7. Ask your pediatrician for a prescription on Similac Alimentum. Most insurance companies do not cover it, but in the case that yours does, get a prescription and try and get your formula for free.
  8. Email Similac, Call Similac, Facebook Message Similac for coupon. Harass them as much as you want to try and get formula samples and coupons.
  9. If you are low income, consider signing up for Food Stamps and WIC for assistance with formula and food. WIC will often ask for a prescription from your pediatrician and you will receive between 6-12 cans of Alimentum per month. If you are on food stamps and ineligible for WIC, you can use your food stamps towards Alimentum. If you think you are ineligible for WIC but are scraping by to get formula, consider applying for WIC with an appeal, often times to cost of housing and bills can work in an appeal to get your WIC coverage.
  10. Buy your Similac formula from Facebook Marketplace or your Local Marketplace
    – Local Pick Ups often sell 12.1oz Alimentum between $15-20 a can. Try and never pay more than $17 per 12.1oz container and $27 per 19.8oz container
    – Sample 7oz cans can often be purchased for $5-10 per container. If you are local, try and negotiate down to $5 per container.
    – Facebook groups and Ebay often sell formula shipped to your door. Consider buying from Facebook groups for extra savings. Try and never pay more than $17 shipped to your door per 12.1oz conatiner/ $9 shipped to your door per 7oz sample container or $30 shipped to your door per 19.8oz container. Make sure you are always paying using Paypal and only through Goods and Services where it asks you to confirm your address.

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