About Jayne

Jayne is a work in progress.

Cloth Diaper, Babywearing and Baby Gear addict. I am a little nuts about car seat safety, with a passion for sustainability, convenience, and raising the next generation to not be assholes.

I am a Millennial which means I am slightly entitled. I grew up in California so I love being outdoors and I am all about that crazy organic stuff. I enjoy wearing high heels, cozy boots, and sneakers. If I could live in my moccasins I would. If every dress I owned could be 1950’s inspired it would be, and if cardigans went out of style, I would be doomed.

I sometimes act like it a know-it-all, but I am learning to reign that in. I am learning that life is full of hard lessons and mistakes and without them you would not gain knowledge or instinct.

I am who I am because of the things that have inspired me. The people who have changed the way I see things, molded the path before me, and taught me that life is not how you see it, but what you want it to become.

I am Jayne.

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