The Bucket List

Life has no perfect path, but I can always close my eyes and hope that I can give it some direction. My bucket list is filled with quirky items, big dreams, and it may continue to change as life continues forward. I am creating a new list for this year, and hope it continues on and weaves into my life story.

  1. Die without Regret
  2. Sealed for Time and All Eternity
  3. Endowment
  4. 100 Blogs in 100 Days
  5. Be the Mother I Dream of Being
  6. Volunteer at the Bishops Store House
  7. Work a Day at the Cannery
  8. Build the Perfect Kitchen
  9. Perfect the Chocolate Souffle
  10. Become a Minimalist
  11. Find the Perfect Water Bottle
  12. Add pages to Passport
  13. Be Happy with my Body #lovethyself
  14. Learn to Juggle Life and Cope with Stress
  15. To feel “like Cinderella at the ball”
  16. Learn 100 Disney Jokes
  17. Master lock picking like Neil Caffrey
  18. Get Laundry Done efficiently!
  19. Finish the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon
  20. Clear the Shoe Closet
  21. Throw the Most Amazing Birthday Party
  22. Figure out what to do with a sleep robe
  23. Work in Retail for a Day
  24. Inspire Change
  25. Make an Impact
  26. Sew a Blanket
  27. Learn to crochet
  28. Do a cross stitch
  29. No Cheat Paleo 21 January
  30. Watch all the Star Wars Movies
  31. Read all the Harry Potter Books
  32. Make a Significant Contribution to a Non-Profit Organization
  33. Spend a Day at an Animal Shelter
  34. Be “Made In China” Free
  35. Solve the Mystery of My Skin
  36. Spend Thanksgiving at a Disney Resort
  37. Spend Christmas at a Disney Resort
  38. Experience New Years at a Disney Resort
  39. Take Mom to Aulani
  40. Watch All the Harry Potter Movies in the same Weekend

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